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Masud Parker


The future of bendable phones

Back in 2011, Samsung teased us with a prototype of a bendable phone, albeit bulky and a step backward towards resembling the precursory ‘brick’.

It could be folded in half without a resultant crease in the middle. However, tests showed that the brightness decreased by 6% at the hinge after 100 000 cycles of folding – That was then.

Technology is limited to our dreams – at our company we have pretty big dreams.


Six years on and the tech giant may be on the verge of releasing the rumoured Samsung Galaxy X which will not only be foldable but will look good while doing it without any damage to internal components and visible reduction in brightness. So what does this mean for future devices, app development, and mobile marketing? Well for starters, we may see a mobile device that folds out from a phone-sized screen to a tablet-sized one, which will most likely become ubiquitous. With the current status quo, we develop apps with an option to support smartphones and/or tablets. It stands to reason that in the near future (possibly 2019) we may not have that option but to roll out smartphone apps compatible and optimised for tablet-sized screens. Furthermore, the flexibility of folding screens opens up the door to explore wearable devices. How this will affect app designs and the future of mobile marketing is unchartered territory – which leaves us rather excited. It’ll probably be worth our while to start thinking how this technology will impact on projects’ design and development – Thinking caps on!


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