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Tom Stapleton
Marketing Executive


Do Awards Matter Anymore?

Awards, the ever-present constant of the agency world. Whether it’s golden lions or neon plaques, there’s always a ceremony vying for our collective attention. The constancy of awards is one of the good things about them and also one of the reasons you may think agencies, suppliers, and vendors are so obsessed with them. Why wouldn’t anyone go after as many as they can when they’re a great way to make promote themselves that they can access any time?

But with plurality comes competition, and with competition we need to face the fact that some offerings just aren’t as valuable as others. So, with the mass availability of awards, do they still hold the same worth, and do they still matter to mobile agencies and businesses?

Well, yeah, they do. But not for the reasons you might think

We recently picked up the highly coveted Mobile Innovation of the Year at the Digiday Media Awards Europe, alongside App of the Year at the Real IT Awards. We also bagged a nomination with Gatwick Airport for Best User Experience/Usability at The Drum Marketing on Mobile Awards. Very big awards, very nice ceremonies.
Shameless self-promotion aside, there can be a layer of cynicism surrounding agency and client awards, and we can see why. Nearly every agency has won an award at some point, to the extent where it’s more anomalous for a supplier not to describe themselves as “global award-winning”.

To quash the cynicism, whenever vendors apply for awards they need to ask themselves, "Why are we really doing this?". When we coordinate award entries at Mobile Five, we know that they're great for recognising the hard work of our incredible team of specialists and our amazing clients, like Gatwick Airport. It also means that we can continue to mark ourselves “global award-winners”, so we can fit in with the rest of the agency crowd. . .

After the trophy, award plaque, sick insta posts, and inevitable hangovers from the evening ceremonies, we also know that awards are indicative of the impact we’re making on the mobile tech industry. They’re indicative of our constant need to keep pushing our capabilities, to keep ahead of the curve, and to never become complacent in our role as thought leaders, technology developers, mobile advocates, and beyond. Awards aren’t just a means to measure our technological successes, they show the power of processes and the people behind them, and ultimately, the power of building incredibly strong bonds with clients.

So to that end, awards like these are one of the means by which we measure our evolution as a mobile agency against the growth our offering. And nothing beats the joy, thrill, and pride when it is an undeniable fact that you are delivering quality results for your clients and driving positive change. In an industry that is constantly evolving, we’ve made it our mission to stay ahead of the game in terms of creative innovation and technology development, and the judges at awards shows tend to agree. The day that agencies are not confident enough in the work they are producing to nominate them for awards alongside clients, that should be the day they turn off the laptops, pack things away, and lock the door on the way out. And if you've got a project or idea that you want to be built to an award-winning standard, all you need to do is get in touch.


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