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Sadie Frost


The way we are interacting with the world is changing faster than ever; Mobile, Cloud, AR, Social Media, Big Data. We are in the era of the Digital Transformation.

All of these elements have and still are changing who we are and how we live our lives. Because of this; businesses are trying to find new ways of reinventing themselves with technology to remain connected to their target audience.

In virtually every industry, digital technologies are bringing about transformation and changing our work and lives in ways we have never imagined.  Although these changes have been happening for years; many businesses are still yet to drive Digital Transformation.

Many brands have already undergone or are in the process of this change. Not only has it revolutionised the way brands connect with their consumers, it has proved that brands can have a meaningful way of being part of their customers day to day digital lives.

For example, Starbucks allows customers to order ahead and make purchases in-store through their app. Within the first 2 years of launching the service, Starbucks took 26 million app purchases alone. Meanwhile, Audi London benefited by a 60% sales increase because of “Audi City”, a digital-first showroom providing a unique brand experience that allows customers to explore the entire Audi catalogue, choosing exactly what they want while in smaller stores.

It is estimated that; by 2020, spending on cloud services will be more than £300 billion, three times the current level and worldwide investment in digital transformation initiatives will reach £1 trillion in 2019.

To summarise; Digital transformation is not a one-stop journey anymore, it’s a continuous processes transformation within businesses and industries, at least for the businesses we've seen succeed. Digital transformations aren't easy, we've seen enough of them to know that. They're a lot of learning, even more hard-work, and are often peppered with failings. If a transformation is what a business is looking for, the only thing to do is to look at use cases and reach out to build a shared network of expertise and experience for constant evolution. A difficult task; but all the research indicates it will be worth it.


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