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Reinvograting loyalty.

To redevelop and launch the Greggs website and app, boost consumer purchasing and drive an emotional connection with their brand, with a specific focus on accelerating the adoption and use of the Greggs loyalty rewards app.


Ensuring success.

A unified multi platform solution that combined insights from Greggs’ audience behaviour with best-in-class mobile loyalty programs. We ran a two-part workshop to define the parameters of each campaign that Greggs would run through the loyalty app, focusing on the audience type, example messaging, and suitable offers/rewards. We thought of the different obstacles each objective could experience and provided Greggs with simple and effective solution to ensure success.


300,000 registered users.

We developed a responsive Greggs website serving contextually relevant content in parallel with the development of the Greggs loyalty reward app, with an in app payment system. Additionally, data from the app is used within an mCRM system we developed to insure the success of Greggs objectives. There are now 300, 000 registered users in Greggs rewards program. Customers on average spend 28p more when they shop using the app, than traditional methods of payment.

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