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Dynasty to Digital.

British perfumers, Penhaligon’s, required a delicate transition for their traditional, luxury brand into the digital era.


A Profile, A Perfume.

To work closely with their “tech adverse” classic perfumers, to capture their signature fragrance profiling process that finds a customer's perfect scent.


An Elegant Solution.

To reach a larger audience, we transformed the Penhaligon’s fragrance profiling into an elegant website. The digital profiling experience was placed on their social channels, paid digital media, and all owned channels driving high traffic to the activation. This digital activation generated 3,368 orders through fragrance profiling, and 20% of all orders online have come through fragrance profiling. Following the great success of this development, we have jointly created a roadmap to gradually transform their business and communicate to their digitally versed audience.

Canon Case Study