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Immersive inspiration.

Renault wanted to raise awareness and generate sales of their Zero Emissions range. Renault felt the best way to maximize reach and highlight their brand was through a digitally immersive experience but were not confident what that digital experience should be.


Education Through Entertainment.

We created an app that brought together digital salesmanship with gamified content to engage users with electric vehicles. We integrated with a third-party map provider to enable users to plan journeys via charging points. We enabled location tracking to aid consumers in discovering how much they could save each journey by switching to electric.


Fun, Challenging, Engaging.

The Z.E. Explore app is a space where Renault can educate users about the benefits of electric cars with a series of brief, interactive challenges. We are now working with Renault to develop a Chatbot that will answer FAQs.

Pepsi Max Case Study