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Snacking Moments.

Laughing Cow wanted to own “snacking moments” and designated a huge budget to media & advertising, to mirror this ambition. The challenge was that their site was receiving traffic but losing interest quickly due to, poor user experience, un-inspiring use of available content and the site not engagning visitors enough to explore.


Targeting User Behaviours.

We re-created a site that was user-centric & had the target audience’s digital user behaviours at its core. Taking insights from the existing sites & high performing content on media spend - we re-mapped the site & user journey.

We created easy sign-up, to receive new recipes. This allowed us to tie in the a device ID/IP to a name & email, enabling us to have a channel to communicate through.


Having the
last laugh.

The average session duration increased by 25% on average & by 40% for returning users.

The number of sessions by returning users has more than doubled too!

Penhaligons Case Study